Can't sign up Yahoo Mail

Yesterday, I met a problem while using a computer which has been connected to the internet. I can open Yahoo homepage, but very funny that I couldn't sign up for a new e-mail address. I found it very strange why this could happen.

I tried again and again, then I tried unplugging and plugging in the network cable cause this ever worked when I was using old Pentium 1 computer for browsing. But this method just wouldn't work. Perhaps it's because of a virus I thought, but I didn't take any action with antivirus (cause I just wanted to use the internet as soon as possible - just thinking for a short solution). So, I suddenly remembered that why not try Safe Mode with Networking.

I restarted the computer and then waited for a while. After that, I started the browser and it works. Until today, I've never known why it was like that (perhaps because of virus that can't work in Safe Mode with Networking). So, whenever you have an internet connection problem, you'll probably can try this method. Rebooting and run Windows in Safe mode with Networking.


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