Canon Bubble Jet Printer S200

Are you still using old Canon Printers? If yes, I think you probably have lost the driver disc. Today, I came across a computer problem which is when I want to help my friend installing his old Canon printer, I can't get the driver disk. He said that he had lost it long ago. Well, this means I have to borrow from my other friend or I have to search and download from the internet.

If you need the same driver as mine, Canon Bubble Jet Printer S200 driver, you can click the following links and just go through the download process directly. I found the download site after a few search. But now, you just need to click and download. Ok, click here to download.

And also on the same day, I downloaded another driver which is also for Canon printer, PIXMA IP 1000. You can also click it to download, but it's for Windows XP.


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