Free PageNest - a program to download a website/blog easily

PageNest is a program that can work like an offline browser. Why is it so? This is because it can download a website or blog, so that you can browse it offline. This program comes in two free versions: PageNest Free Edition and PageNest Pro Trial Version. If you find it very useful, you can buy the full PageNest Pro to get most advantage of the program.

It's very easy to use it. To download a website or blog, you just click New - Single Page or Custom. Then type in the Address of the site, Select the category of your site and Choose the folder that store the webpages. You can just download a single page (homepage) or the whole site.

You can also pause and resume the download process at anytime you want. Then you can also delete the downloaded website or blog easily. The pictures  and most widgets can also be downloaded using PageNest. Click here to download Free PageNest.


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