Chinese font download

Ever thought of typing Chinese characters in Windows? Read this. Well, you actually can use Chinese version of Windows to make you easier in typing Chinese. But if you prefer to use English version of Windows, it doesn't matter. As long as you install the Chinese language into your Windows through Control Panel. But the font in English version Windows are very limited. So that you need to add the fonts by yourself. If you look in the drop down list of fonts in Word or Excel, you will find SimSun or SimHei as the default Chinese fonts.

Some people prefer using third party programs which offer more fonts, like Chinese Star, Twin
Bridge, Richwin, etc. These program provides fonts and sometimes a bit different in input method. Some of them have intelligent input which make your work easier.

If you don't want to use those third party Chinese software, you
can download Chinese fonts. On the internet, you can just type the following keyword: "Chinese font download". And you'll find links to many sites providing you fonts. Here's one. Click here to visit the site.

After downloading, just copy and paste it into C:\Windows\Fonts and y0u can use
it in your work.


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