Seven things you need to do after buying a Netbook

Netbook has become something trendy in this modern world. To most people netbooks such as Eee PC is quite great at portability. And also the price is getting down time to time. Besides its portability, people also consider a netbook for the ease of surfing the internet. But after having a netbook you should also do the following things.
1. Create/backup the recovery disc of the netbook you just buy.
2. Give it a keyboard protector to prevent dust sticking on the keyboard.
3. Buy a portable netbook fan to keep your netbook cool.
4. Buy a small waterproof bag to protect it from rain if you often travel outside.
5. Keep the warranty card to make it easier to claim when something happens.
6. Install antivirus and anti-spyware immediately, because this is necessary when you surf the net
7. Buy the laptop skin to protect the netbook from scratch.
Hope these are useful.


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