DVD Shrink - useful DVD freeware

How to compress a DVD and re-burn it into a new smaller-sized DVD? Is it possible? That's what I asked myself when my friend gave me a 7 GB DVD and asked me to burn it into a blank DVD. It seems impossible to me because as far as I know, most of computer stores sell only 4.7 GB blank DVD. I've never seen one eventhough I know that there are DVDs with greater size.

At first I thought that I would try to use video editing software to edit the big size DVD and cut the videos into two 4.7 GB DVDs. It seems a little troublesome using video editing method. I kept this idea and tried looking for other method.

Then I thought perhaps I could compress it using video compression to resize the whole videos on DVD. I started searching on the internet for such software. After a while, I found DVD Shrink, a very useful software for compressing and re-burn the big size DVD videos in a 4.7 GB blank DVD. There are only two simple steps: Open DVD and Backup. Everything will be done for you automatically. It's that easy.

At first, I thought using compression would cause the DVD won't play well in the DVD player, but it didn't seem to have any problems. So, thanks to the DVD Shrink creator. And what makes it so great is that it's a free DVD compressing and burning tool. Click here to download.


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