Synaptic Pointing Device Driver

Have you ever encountered touch pad problem on your notebook/netbook? Recently I met one of my relatives who got this problem. She bought Acer One netbook a few months ago. At the first time, she bought the netbook, she didn't pay notice at the touchpad cause it seemed that when she was at the computer store, mouse was being used as pointing device, instead of touch pad. She realized this problem only when she brought it back home. But she still didn't feel it as a nuisance cause she used the mouse most of the time.

So, when she came to my house, I helped her fix this problem. I opened Device Manager and found that there's an exclamation mark next to synaptic pointing device. So, that's the problem of touch pad I thought. I tried searching for the driver and reinstalled it. Bingo! It worked perfectly after installing the driver. If you ever encounter this problem, just download the driver and install it. Isn't it simple?


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