Want to watch 2012 doomsday movie?

Someone asked me where could we watch 2012 doomsday movie. Well, if you have ever read my previous post about watching online streaming video, you won't ask this question.

You can visit Youtube and search for it. Of course you will find the movie, but maybe it's the trailer you get. If someone have uploaded it, you will get the whole movie, too. But the whole movie will also be separated into many parts (cause Youtube only allows 10 minutes duration of playing time). What about Tudou or Youku or 56?

Watching 2012 Doomsday at Tudou or Youku seems to be better because the movie will be played in full without being separated in several parts. Moreover, you can use Tudou video accellerator which make the video running faster and smoothly. So, now you know where to watch 2012 Doomsday, don't you?

N.B. If you can't read Chinese, click here to open the English page which is translated by Google Translate.


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