How to create a simple quiz website without web programming knowledge?

Sometimes, you probably need to make an online quiz. Whether it's for survey or for something online test, making one with programming knowledge is not easy. You probably need the knowledge of Javascript or the knowledge of Flash. Javascript seems to be used in simple type quiz and Flash tends to be used in quiz that need animation cause it's an animation program.

Both are still difficult to use. You need time to learn to use it. But there's still an easier way, that is: using "Quiz Maker" or sometimes people call "Quiz Generator". Such program is already made for that purpose. You just need to enter the questions and answers. No coding/programming skill is needed.

One of them is Kwizmaker 1.1. This program is free, so you can use it to create any kind of quiz as you like it. It helps you to create multiple choice quiz and then generate a quiz which is saved into HTML file. You can then use the file within your website as a survey site or if you are a teacher, you can use it to test your student as an online quiz. Click here to download.


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