How to remove TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen

Have you ever encountered this trojan (detected by Avira Antivir)? This trojan can always be detected by Avira Antivir but it cannot be removed totally by Avira. When you choose to delete, at the first time, you probably think that it will be removed. But the truth is not. On the next boot of your Windows, you will see the detection again, and you'll repeat the deletion and this will go on and on. Then how to remove this trojan TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen easily?

Well, you can use Panda Antivirus to remove it. To do this, 
First you need to open the link to the website using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. 
You'll then see the website. Click Scan Your PC Now button. 
After that, you'll be asked to download the ActiveScan 2.0 plugin.
Save and then Open it and it will then be installed in your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser.
Next, click the link again and click Scan Your PC Now button again.
This time, you'll go through the installation of ActiveScan 2.0 and the updating process.
It will take a few minutes to finish this.
Let Panda Antivirus to scan and when finish and virus encountered, you just click Fix all.


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