Removing autorun virus easily without antivirus

You probably find that autorun.inf virus on the computer is really annoying. It infects flash disk or any media possible. This of course cause your computer to run more slowly because of the access of the autorun.inf virus file.

You perhaps thought that by deleting autorun.inf files on your flash disk will solve the problem. Indeed, that the easiest solution, but it's not done with Windows, cause the file will probably come back again by itself after deletion.Anyway, you still need to delete the file. So how?

If deletion of autorun.inf virus in Windows doesn't seem to work, then you can try Linux. Any Linux will do the job. I myself prefer using Puppy Linux. It's up to you which Linux to choose as long as you can access the flash disk.

I choose Puppy Linux because it's quite simple to use. You just need to plug in the flash disk and then Mount it with the menu. After that, open the flash disk and look for autorun.inf file. In Linux, the virus will seem like being "frozen". Don't worry about its infection to your other media. Just delete the file.

After deletion, restart your PC and see whether the problem still exists. Another way, suggested by online virus removal experts is to create an autorun.inf file by yourself. This will make the real virus which is going to infect your media, seems to have to ask for permission to infect. This is because any replacement of files in Windows will pop up a dialog box asking whether you want to replace or not. You get what I meant, don't you?

Well, that's just one of virus removal tips I'd like to share. Hope it helps.


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