Beautiful Wallpapers Link

Nowadays, we have wide screen LCD monitors, so those wallpapers designers also design wallpapers that suit the size of those monitors. If we use older size wallpapers such as 1024 x 768 pixels wallpaper, on those wide screen LCD monitors, they won't fit well on the screen, unless you use stretch option on wallpaper setting. But if you use Stretch option, you'll see that the wallpaper does not look proportional.

Just now, as I was searching for beautiful scenery wallpapers, I found a link to a website which contains a lot of beautiful wallpapers in many categories, such as: Landscape, Animal, Celebrity, Illustration, Art, Photography, Anime, Holiday, Flower, Advertising, Movie, Travel, Auto, Sport, Game and Calendar.

The website can also be displayed in Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese. It's really a nice wallpaper site. So, it makes those non-English viewer to navigate easier.

You can find wallpapers in certain size category, such as: Standard, Widescreen, Dualscreen and Other Category. This means that the wallpapers will fit perfectly on any of your monitor. Click here to visit the website.


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