How to find photos that ever uploaded to your blogs

You probably have written lots of posts for your blogs. And you might want to download the photos of one of the post. Surely after a long of posting so many posts with photos, you will certainly find it difficult to retrieve the lost photos. You can't remember on which blog and which post you have uploaded the photo. There's also no such programs for searching your photos on blog. But there's still a way to find it back. How to find it?

Well, if you use Blogger for you blogging activities, you can find the photos easily. Everytime you upload a photo on your blog post, blogger actually stores your photo on Picasa Album. Because of this album, searching for the photo in a blog post has become easier. Although it takes a little, it's still possible to get them. You just need to sign in to your blogger and then click this link and you'll then see that your photo files are already in the album. Take good advantage of your Google Picasa Album.


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