Create Widget and promote your website or blog

There are many ways of promoting a website or blog. From using online free ads, social networking, backlink  until offline promotion such as leaflet, name card, etc. All these efforts are for one purpose that is: getting more traffic to the website or blog.
You can also promote your website or blog by creating widget that can be used on any websites or blogs. Using widget can help promotion because when visitors click on the widget link, the targeted website will be opened. The more people using your widget, the more chances of high traffic you earn for your website / blog.

Then, how to create the widget that can drive more traffic?
You can click this link to help you create one. It's a link to
After opening the page, simply type in the url of your website or blog
And then click Make Widget.
Next, customize your widget and save it.
You can then get the code of the widget

To use the widget, you need to paste it in HTML code of your blogger blog.


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