How to learn to read Chinese easily using online Chinese tool

Many years ago, when Speech Recognition was popular, I thought that there's new thing in computer language tools. And Speech Recognition has been applied to Microsoft Office 2002 as far as I can remember. I was so surprised when I first used that kind of software and wondered why technologies could be so great, because it brings convenience in typing. But it still not so easy compared to typing, I think. Then I also tried voice command.

It's also been years for me to search for such tools in Chinese, I mean Chinese language tools. I hope that learning and working with Chinese can be easier one day. Recently, I found an online Chinese tool which can read Chinese text for us by pasting (or typing in) the text. This is also a great thing for those who can understand oral Chinese, but don't understand written Chinese. By using this tool, it also means that you can read many Chinese characters without opening dictionary. Just copy and paste. If you don't like this in understanding Chinese, you can still use translation method. The very common one is Google Translate. Click here to open the simple text to speech online tool.


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