How to convert Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese

Just now, as I was browsing the internet, suddenly an idea struck my mind. In fact, I was about to type something in Chinese using Windows language tools and QQ translator to make the Chinese typing easier. I just like using QQ Pinyin. This tool is really a nice helper when you need to type.

Then, I thought that it would be very great if there's online tools or such programs to do Simplified Chinese (GB) to Traditional Chinese (BIG5) conversion as well. So, we don't have to do any retyping anymore. What a great thing indeed.

I started searching for this. And found a website where you can paste your Simplified Chinese text and convert it to Traditional Chinese. And here I'm going to share with you. With this online tools, you can do conversion by just pasting the text and click the conversion type you want. Click here to visit the Chinese online conversion webpage.


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