SevenVG RC (Windows 7 Theme) for Windows XP

Thinking of installing Windows 7, but worrying that your hardware might not support Windows 7 system? Don't worry if you just want to feel the appearance of Windows 7. Since many years ago, people have been using a kind of software (sometimes called themes) to change the look of an operating system.
One of such software is Windows Blinds. But it's not completely free, just free to try for 30 days. So, it's better not to use such software because it's a waste of time. I'd rather use freeware (eventhough freeware are not really complete in many ways).
Then, what freeware is suitable for this need? Well, you can use Seven VG RC Windows 7 Theme. It's a nice freeware to change your Windows XP appearance into Windows 7. Of course, it can't be compared to real Windows 7. You can see the change in menu and wallpaper. Think of the advantages it has brought to you. Click here to download SevenVG RC Windows Theme for free.


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