Blog This! - Google Chrome Extension

I'm going to recommend you an easy way of writing posts for you blog. This post is actually what I'm going to do about writing a post when idea suddenly strikes my mind.

Browsing the internet and reading information on the internet is a very common activity to every blogger. Sometimes, while reading other's blogs/websites, ideas may pop out suddenly from your brain. What do you do after this happens? You'll probably think that you can write the idea directly as a new post for your blog. You might also write it down on a notebook and use it for future use. Or perhaps you want to bookmark it first.

But I think, there's an easier way to do with the idea. Just click the icon "Blog This!" extension on the upper side of your Google Chrome browser, you will then be able to do the writing.

Once you've sign in blogger, you can use Blog This! in your Google Chrome browser to help you write posts easily. How does it works? Try opening a website and then click the Blog This! button. The text content of the website will appear in the new post window. You can edit the text and then publish it.

You can also select the text and click the button. This seems to work as copy and paste text content of a webpage to blogger post window. But of course it gives you more convenience. Click here to read more information about Blog This! extension.


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