How to reset your IP series Canon Printer manually?

Every printer has a waste ink pad counter which counts the usage of your head cleaning. Every time, when you have finished cleaning the print head, waste ink will flow to the sponge at the inner back side of your printer.

After a long time, your printer will have a "waste ink pad error message" appeared. And usually you will see the two lights of the two button of your printer blinking. This will stop your printer from printing. This means you need to change the ink pad at a printer service center.

If you buy a Canon printer, you may go to Canon service center. I mean you go to the printer service center according to the brand of your printer. They will then reset your waste ink pad counter. And you can use your printer again.

If you find it hard for you to go there, you may do the reset manually or with special reset software.
To manually reset the printer, you can do the following steps:
1. Turn off your printer, but leave the power plug in the power socket (of the wall). The power of the socket is turned "on" and plug off the cable which is attached to the printer.
2. Now, press and hold the power button of your printer, then plug in your cable.
3. While still holding the power button, press and hold the Resume button for a while (about 10 seconds), then release the power button, then release the Resume button.
4. Turn on your printer again as you usually do.

If manual reset won't work, you can try reset by software. Just click here and download the reset program which is intended to reset Canon IP series printer. After downloading, you need to extract the files to a folder. Run the IPTool Program  then follow the on-screen instructions. This program can help you reset the following Canan IP series printers: IP 1200, IP 1300, IP 1600, IP 1700, IP 1800, IP 2200 and IP 2500.


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