Picasa 3.8 new features (Face Movie)

Google Picasa is one of the simplest yet wonderful photo editor. The latest version Picasa 3.8 has some new features like: Face Movie, Batch Upload, Edit in Picnik and Properties Panel.

In Face Movie, you can create slide show of your own photos from childhood till the recent photo with transition. The photos are stacked together slowly, so that it shows you the changes in your appearance from the photos. You'll see memorable moments from this slide show.

Batch Upload enables you manage and organize your photos better. You also make changes to your Picasa Web Album like removing the albums.

Edit in Picnik is another new feature that enriches Picasa. This means you can edit your photo like other Photo Editor. It provides all basic photo editing tools.

And the last one, Properties Panel lets you know the information of your photos, like the photo size with a thumbnail and information like Color Space.

If you have been using Google Picasa, you should download this version. Remember to create your own Face Movie!


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