Free Money Management Tools

So, you want FREE PERSONAL FINANCE SOFTWARE? Well, there's a website you can visit to do this. By signing up at this site, you can access its free money management program. It is said to be the best free way to manage your money. How does it work?

MINT manages all your financial from cash, credit cards, loans, investments and properties. It gather all these financial information altogether in a view with detailed reports. You can sign in to any devices that
are connected to the internet. From your desktop PC, laptop PC, iPad or any mobile phones. It also categorizes your spendings and then making out charts analyze for you.

MINT uses bank level security because it can detect suspicious transactions and alert you. You don't have to worry about too much about your finance management problem. Let MINT take care of it.

I visited this site with Google Chrome and found that it has been verified by COMODO Extended Validation Secure Server CA2 when I read the information of the side on the left upper corner of Google Corner. Your connection to MINT is also secured with 256-bit secure encryption.

You probably would asked how they made money from giving this free service. Actually, the banks pay them  for introducing new customers. So, that's how they earn money, but don't charge you a penny. So, start using MINT as the your free financial management application.


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