How to disable "Install updates and shut down" option in Windows?

You probably feel annoyed when you see "install updates" screen when shutting down your PC. This will of course take more time when you want to shut down your computer. Is there any easy way to disable this? Yes, there is.

Usually to disable a feature in Windows, we can do something on the registry. This is called registry editing. The following are step-by-step on how to disable "install updates and shut down":
* Open the Run command dialog box by clicking Start - Run or pressing Windows Key + R
* Click the Computer Configuration, then Administrative Templates, then Windows Components.
* Select Windows Update
* Double click  Do not display ‘Install Updates and Shut Down’ option in Shut Down Windows dialog box
* Set it to Enabled, then click Ok.

And that's how to disable Install updates when shutting down computer in Windows.


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