How to play a video file that contained in a disc image file?

There people who usually do disc copying or we say disc burning job almost everyday. When this has become your common job, and you burn the the same discs repeatedly, you may probably need to copy the disc into disc image file.
With this disc image file, you can re-burn the disc again and again without having to put the source disc into the writer.

But I once thought that if there is a video player that can play video file in a disc image file directly, but maybe I was wrong. After doing some searching on google, I could find such program. Perhaps, the disc image file is like zip file which has to be extracted in order to use it. So, it seems rather impossible to play video file from image file directly. But though, we can still play the video file by extracting it from the image file first. This principle is similar to "unzip" or "extract" a compressed file.

To extract the video containing in a disc image file, you need disc image program, such as ISOBuster. This program is not difficult to use in order to do this job. I found a video on youtube which explained how to extract video file in a disc image file.

The tutorial on this video, works on VCD image file, not working for DVD image file.


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