Google Tricks, Hacks, and Easter Eggs

Many people know that Google is the largest Search Engine on the internet. Not many of them know that Google has its hidden Easter Eggs, or you can called it Google Search Engine secret or tricks or even you can you that the hack inside Google.
No matter what you call it, it's still a thing that people want to know more about this great search engine.

In fact, with little patience and search on the internet, you can find how to discover the Easter Eggs of Google, which are cool and funny things inside the search engine. What's that? You can get "Shaking Google Logo" Have you ever seen it? Nope, right?

Besides such shaking effect of Google Logos, you may also find that different style of logo, seems a bit like the Google Doodle on special occasion.

Well, here's a tricky tutorial video on how to discover the Easter Eggs hidden inside Google Search Engine.


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