Can you browse internet without internet browser in Windows XP?

This question can be answered "yes" and also "no". Answering "yes" means that you can browse internet without using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or other internet browser. In fact, when you hear somebody say it's possible, it means using other application which is not included in the category of browser. If not, where can see the text and images (although there is text internet browser called Lynx).

So, how to surf internet without browser? You can go to Search on your Start Menu and type in the website link as a search. Or you can open My Computer icon and type in the link. This will automatically open up the website right in your current window. In fact, the Search and My Computer don't really work as browsers, but they merely use "Internet Explorer" as the browser, but with the look of Search and My Computer themselves.

But, when I tried this on a computer running Windows 7, it didn't work. It just opened up the website with my default browser. When you have a real fully work browser, why do you have to use search and other methods?


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