Facebook Badge, a simple widget to link your facebook to your blog / website

Facebook is a very popular social networking nowadays. Almost every internet user has a facebook account. Those who have blogs or websites can also promote their blogs or websites through facebook. By placing a Facebook Badge on your website or blog which consists of a link to website, you drive traffic (get more fans) from blog or website. And by putting your website or blog link to facebook, you can drive traffic to your blog or website. That's why this widget is so important.

There are four types of Facebook Badge where you can insert in your blog/website.

1. Profile Badge

Share your Facebook information on other websites.

2. Like Badge
Show off your favorite Pages on your website or blog.

3. Photo Badge
Share your Facebook photos on other websites.

4. Page Badge
Share your Facebook Page information on other websites.

So, if you have a website or blog which has not added Facebook badge, do it now.


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