Cloning effect with Microsoft Movie Maker

Have you ever watch "Twin Dragons", one of Jackie Chan's famous movie? You can see two Jackie Chan's on the movie. He himself plays the role of two people. This movie has given me inspiration of writing this post. I'll try to give you simple way to create clone video of yourself or you can call it video of Twin.

Indeed, movie editing is a fun thing especially the video editing effect. Normally to create a video of cloning or twin effect, you need to use green or blue screen background. Then, you use Chroma Key effect on the video with green or blue screen. A bit complicated if you are a real beginner in video editing.

The most commonly used video editing software for Windows is the Windows Movie Maker. This program enables you to create movie from video clips with lots of transition effects. It's also very easy to use. You can trim your video, audio and even add text to the video.

If you have ever used Windows Movie Maker and know how to apply transition effect to the video, you can then create "twin video effect" using SPLIT transition and video positioning. Here's a video that gives you tutorial about simple clone effect. No need CHROMA KEY effect. You don't even need "green screen" or "blue screen".


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