How to print an article of a webpage easily?

Normally, you can print a webpage by just using the menu File - Print of your browser. This kind of printing method will print everything, including the advertisement which you don't need at all. However, you may copy the webpage first, then paste it on a word processor like Microsoft Word. After that, remove the advertisement and other elements that you don't want to print. This is usually done to get a neat document and also to save ink and paper.

Well, you can also use an add-on called CLIPMARK for Firefox which lets you decide what to print. A bit like making clippings before printing. This is actually another easier manual  way of getting what you print first. Still not very convenient cause it requires a lot of work in marking the area.

So, is there an easier way to remove those unnecessary elements automatically and then print it directly to printer neatly? Yes, there is. You can use Print Friend website to help you print all the text neatly on a paper, so that you can save paper and ink. It's so easy to use this service. But it focuses mainly on text printing and some images.

Here are the steps in using Print Friendly to print a webpage easily
1. Paste the url of the webpage on the Print Friendly website.
2. Then click Print Preview.
3. You can highlight the text you want to remove
4. Then click Delete to remove the unwanted text.
5. You can also choose not to print the images.
6. Adjust the text size to smaller size if you want to save paper and ink
7. When you're done, click the print button to print it directly
8. Or you can save it to PDF or e-mail it.

If you still find that it's troublesome to do copy and paste of the webpage url, you can still add the Print Friendly button to your browser. It can be used for 4 browsers only: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

You may also add a Print Friendly button to your website / blog if you want to let your reader print your articles. Copy the HTML code and paste it as a gadget in your website / blog.

Still don't understand? Here's a video tutorial on how to use Print Friendly to print your webpage easily.


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