When Gougou closes it's door, Sogou still opens its door.

When you want to enter Gougou website, you'll get an error message that it has stopped giving services to countries outside China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. This is probably disappointing you. In fact, you don't have to feel disappointed about this, because there are still several websites that provide such service to you.

You'll probably use Gougou.com mostly for downloading music, especially Chinese music. There is a better Gougou alternative which provides lesser broken links for music download. It's sogou.com. Ever heard about Sogou? Not only giving services for music download, but also similar to Google, giving you other services like a Chinese Search Engine. You can search of lots of information from this Sogou. Of course, you can search for images from it.

Ok, just remember that "When Gougou closes it's door, Sogou still opens its door. Use Sogou instead of Gougou for downloading music. I'll post more information about Sogou for you at another chance. Happy music downloading!


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