Do you believe that my Alexa rank is better than Facebook?

Do you think pagerank checker websites never make mistakes? Don't be too happy when you see your pagerank or your alexa rank through a page rank checker website. I was quite surprise to see that one of my blogs with mixed topic could get alexa rank 1. Very surprise. But I believe that this must be the error of the website that does the checking.

The blog ranks 0 on Google, but the funny thing is that it ranks 1 in Alexa. A few days ago, I couldn't even get the data of my alexa rank of that blog. But I think Alexa rank 1 must be something else in meaning. Perhaps, it means the data of alexa rank has started to show. Let's see what's the rank for Facebook. Facebook got Google Pagerank 10 (the highest) and Alexa rank 2.

The pictures below are not edited at all. They are real from Screen Capture Program.


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