Where can I listen free radio online?

What is the best and easiest way to listen online radio? That's what people are searching for when they think of listening to online radio. There are so many streaming radio online for you to listen. Those online radio services are usually free. Most of them are categorized according to the radio music style. Some of them are categorized according to countries. And some also let you decide the quality of the radio.

Why do we need to adjust the radio quality? The broadcasting of the online radio is actually a thing of streaming, and thus it will need buffering to play the radio smoothly. Of course, this also means that if you have slow internet connection, you'd better choose lower quality of radio streaming in order to play it well.

Another problem of online radio is that sometimes the interfaces of the streaming radio websites are quite complicated for those elderly people. They will sometimes find it hard to choose because there are so many things in the interface. For elderly people, it should be as simple as possible. They spot the link, they click the link and the radio plays immediately. That's what all of us want, right? Not those hassle in using the radio streaming.

I just found a website which has very simple interface. You can see clearly the category of countries there. All you need to listen to the streaming radio is "Choose the country and then click the radio station name". And you'll be able to listen directly. I got this think when I was searching for "Taiwan Online Kiss Radio" which I found as  a very nice radio station of Taiwan. Of course, you can also listen to Singapore Online Radio, too which is very popular around Asia (which is also my favorite).


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