Where can I download free Sticky Notes?

Sticky Notes is a tiny useful program for making simple notes that you can show them on the desktop. That's  the common use of Windows Sticky Notes. In fact, there's a website where you can download Sticky Notes Online called Sharpra.

There are three category of Sticky Notes according to where it is used:
1. Mobile-based, as iPhone application, Windows Mobile / Phone application and BlackBerry application.
2. Desktop-based, as Wiudows Sidebar Gadget, Mac Dashboard Gadget and Google Sidebar Gadget
3. Web-based, install on iGoogle.

Using Sharpra Sticky Notes Online, you can easily synchronize all your notes across all your devices. So that, you can view the notes anywhere on your mobile phone, home PC, office PC and or anywhere in the world when you are online.be available on your home computer, on your office computer, your mobile device and anywhere in the world


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