Why suddenly only two adsense ads appear on my website / blog?

Have you ever encountered this problem? You are not using Adsense ads in blog posts, and only use two adsense ads content units in the blog. Generally adsense allows the use of three adsense ads in a blog / website. But suddenly only two ads appear in your blog. What has exactly happened?

Well, about this problem. You can start searching for solution at Google Adsense Forum. Have you done a search at the forum? If you haven't, let me tell you that it is actually a temporary problem. This problem isn't a new error in adsense ads placement in blog / website. It has ever happened in 2009. Don't worry to much about this. You may continue focusing on your content and other things. Be patient to wait for a while or another day. Sometimes adsense can have their maintenance in progress. So, no need to worry it. Here's a discussion on "only two ads appear on blog/website".

Make sure that you have enough post contents so that your keywords will show up the appropriate ads. If not, this situation will also happen.


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