Canon Scanner ToolBox for Windows 7

Hardware will become older day by day, and thus you need to upgrade your hardware after using it for a certain time if you want to keep your computer up-to-date. But upgrading hardware means you need to upgrade your software, especially the drivers and hardware related software.

The same applies to operating system. When you upgrade your operating system, your old hardware might require newer driver and related software to let your new operating system to recognize it. So, you might probably need to search for driver and software that support your new operating system on the internet.

One of the reason why I write this post is that I happened to get error when I used my Canon scanner on Windows 7. At the moment I installed the driver, no errors found. But when I installed the CanoScan Toolbox, I found that the toolbox software on my driver disc only worked for Windows XP and earlier version. I didn't support Windows 7. That means I need to download the newer version of Canon Scanner Toolbox on the internet.

Luckily I found a link where I can download the Scanner Toolbox at If you also need such driver, click here to get the driver for free.


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