A short 3D animation for moon cake festival

Moon Cake Festival is one of the most important festival celebrated by Chinese all over the world. It's also called as Mid-Autumn Festival. You should know that when Mid-Autumn is, since the name of the festival has applied the season "Mid-Autumn". It has another name as "Lantern Festival" cause many people will bring out their own lanterns and walk down the street. Children love this festival most.

Then, why does this computer blog has such post on Moon Cake? In fact, there's nothing related to moon cake, but those creative people have had it related to moon cake festival, by promoting "moon cake shaped flash disk" and also you can see "creative 3D animation video on promoting moon cake".

If you want to know more about this festival, you can visit wikipedia.com
Here are some videos about Moon Cake Festival.

Moon Cake Promotion Video

Moon Cake Cartoon

Moon Cake Flashdisk
Aren't those computer related moon cake stuff?


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