App Store Dream Lantern (梦想灯笼) - make your own 3D lantern

App Store Dream Lantern is an application which you can download free from app store. This application is a fun and cool application which enables you to create your own 3D lantern. You can show off this 3D lantern to your friends on moon cake festival. How great it is to show a personalized and customized item of lantern festival from your most precious iPhone or iPad.

Buying a real lantern to certain people may seem to be money-wasting. Using application to replace the real one also means environmental friendly cause you won't waste paper and your lantern won't get burnt. It's also as fun as the real one. Since it's an apple's application, you may share it online to let your friends see your creation. You can have a lantern competition to see whose lanterns look best.

Here's a video showing you how to make your own 3D lantern with this App Store Dream Lantern.

Click here to open the Dream Lantern application download page.


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