How to enable Auto Save option in Microsoft Powerpoint?

Microsoft Powerpoint is a common program used to create Presentations. Most people won't take notice on how important to save a presentation before they lose it. And this has taken notice by Microsoft, I think. And perhaps, that's why they created "Auto Save" or "Auto Recovery" functions.

This post is actually written for a friend of mine whose presentation was lost during power failure. And the worst is that she didn't manage to save it. She gave me an inspiration to write this post. Ok, let me tell you briefly how to use Microsoft Powerpoint Auto save feature.

It's very simple. At the first time you save the presentation, there's a Tools button on the Save dialog box.
Click "Save options" on the Tools button. Then click Save, after that you can customize how documents are saved. Tick "Save AutoRecover information every... minutes." Determine the number of minutes you want Powerpoint to autosave for you. And that's how to activate autosave in Powerpoint.


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