Digsby - a simple application that manages all your social networking activities

Have you joined many social networking and have lots of accounts to manage? Are you feeling stressed on logging in and out from one social network to another one? Well, if you have such problems, you probably need a program that manages all these activities automatically for you.

Digsby is the answer. It's a program which handles or manages many of your accounts. It's a combination of Instant Messenger (IM), Email and Social Network altogether. Digsby supports Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. It means you can use it for any operating system, since those three operating systems are the most common ones of the world.

A. Instant Messenger
Digsby is useful because it supports those most commonly used Messenger, like AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ,  Google Talk, Jabber and Facebook. With this IM manager, you can switch from an IM to another easily by just clicking the tab of IM you want to use. And you can also send sms directly from this program to your friends.

B. Email
Digsby helps you to manage emails easily because it can manage emails of  Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL/AIM Mail, IMAP, and POP altogether. What a convenient software. When a new email comes, you can open it directly without any hassles.

C. Social Networking
Digsby is really a great helper for those who have Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and LinkedIn accounts. It helps you save troubles for getting information of your social networking friends' status updates, new uploaded photos, and upcoming birthday. It's an all in one Social Networking manager.

It also supports widget that you can have it on your website or blog. So, you can have your own chat box just right on  your website. You may also customize the digsby widget to your preference. And the great news is that it's free to download Digsby.


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