Future Google Pagerank Prediction - A way to motivate yourself in blogging

What would you do to motivate yourself in improving your website? Do you read motivational books? Do you read articles written by professional bloggers? Well, there are many inspirational and motivational stuffs online to help you. But, besides articles, audio books and videos, there are also tools that help you to motivate yourself in blogging or you can say to motivate you to keep on working on adsense.

So, how to motivate yourself for adsense using those tools? Well, one of the SEO tools online which I found is called "Page Rank Prediction" tool. This PR prediction tool will help you to get a view of how your site will rank in the future. In fact, this is just an analyze and not a really reliable tool as I have said before "prediction".

We all know that prediction is not something very sure or even not sure at all. But prediction does come from certain basis. It may be a result coming up by calculating the quality and quantity of your backlinks. The result is just an estimation. Perhaps, it may come true if you keep on doing what you are doing currently in a routine manner.

Don't be desperate if you get very low PR predictiction. Just keep on working to achieve your goal. Don't be overwhelmed if your PR is high. If you don't work hard for it, it won't come true, and probably your current PR will also drop. Remember use this Future Pagerank Prediction as a motivational tool only.


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