Sharing my experience and simple advice on adsense.

In my experience, we should find out our ability in writing contents according to our expertise and interest in certain field or topic. This means creating several blogs according to your interest and expertise at one time. Then keep posting on those different blogs of our interest and expertise. As newbie to adsense, you'll never know until you've tried it yourself.

After a few months, you'll probably see two situations. (Suppose you have 5 blogs)
1. Which blogs are you really keen on posting?
This means if you are still posting on 2 of 5 blogs and probably have left the 3 other blogs. That means you might earn more on those 2 blogs. Keep on doing it. And post even more.
2. You'll also see which blogs give you better earnings.
If you find that the blogs that give you better earnings are also those with your most regular updated ones, then I will suggest you continuing to focus on those blogs with more earnings and of which you have real interest and expertise on them.

The conclusion is start your blogs right away, work hard on those blogs, and analyze those improvement based on your post number, clicks and earnings. Then, I think you will know which blogs really ensure your adsense in the future. Sounds very simple, right. Don't worry too much about earnings. Just start and work hard on it. When problems come or when you are low in motivation, go searching on the internet to gain back your motivation in adsense.


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