avast! EasyPass - new product from avast!

avast! company is most well-known for its antivirus. You probably have been using avast! antivirus for quite a long time. Indeed, most people know that avast! has provided the world with security and antivirus products.

Recently, it has launched a new product called avast! EasyPass, a password manager which helps you to manage your multiple passwords on different sites. If you have lots of passwords to remember, then this EasyPass program will do the work for you. What you need is just to remember the master password, which is the main password to open all passwords. All your passwords are securely encrypted.

avast! EasyPass will help you generate strong security passwords which is safe to use, unlike password with your kids' birthday which people could probably guess easily. Once this product is installed, you can access it anywhere on any computer or laptop. No more hassle filling out forms is also another feature of this product. Come on, get this product now at $9.99 on avast! website.


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