How to turn text upside down and use it on Facebook, Twitter, etc?

Are you feeling bored with Facebook? If you feel posting your status on Facebook seems nothing special, you can try using special characters in your Facebook status. If  you can say "Happy birthday" to your friends in a different way on Facebook wall, then your friend will be surprised and of course she / he will very appreciated it.

You can try using special characters on you text to make the text more special. Some people love using text art. Do you know that you can also turn the text you type to be upside down? Isn't it more special? There's a simple way to make this.

Click here to visit a website where you can type the text and have them turned upside down, rotate the text and flip the text. After you have finished you can then copy and paste the text on Facebook. Your friend will at least smile when reading your text. Don't you think so? You can then use it on your Facebook chat, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger and other social networking or messenger chat. Let's start updating your Facebook status in this special way.


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