Online New Chinese Dictionary Website (在綫新華字典)

Are you looking for online Chinese dictionary? Let me introduce you a website that provides free Chinese dictionary which gives you very concise meaning and explanation. If you are searching for a complete one which is unlike Google Translate, you will find this one a very great one. You will get a very long explanation of any Chinese characters.

Basically, this online Chinese dictionary will search for you the character you type in the search box. You can also search for any characters which you only know the "pinyin", but don't know clearly the characters. Using this kind of "pinyin search for character" will also help you to learn to know which characters are in accord with which Pinyin.

The online Chinese dictionary also has lots of Lists and Charts to help you understand more about Chinese vocabulary, such as "surname", "word groups", etc. It's such a great one. But since this website is in Chinese interface, you may probably find it difficult if you don't understand at all. You need at least to be able to type in Chinese IME or able to read basic Chinese. This website also reads the character you are searching just like in Google Translate. Now, let's move to the Online Chinese Dictionary.


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