Bajaj Transformer Robot Animation

Bajaj is a kind of tricycle transportation which is very common in Indonesia, especially the capital city, Jakarta. It's also so popular that it's also used in Indonesia animation movie. Although it's not an official movie shown in cinema as 3D animation movie like others, I still find that it's quite a great works of 3D Indonesian animation.

The following Youtube video is about Bajajs which can transform themselves as into Transformers Robots like just like the 3D movie, The Transformers. Not only the animation of bajaj, but also motorcycles and mini bus transformers are used here.

The scene takes place in the market which you can see an old man orders a bowl of noodles and getting ready to eat. You can see the spoons starting to shake, just like the scene of dinosaurs coming in Jurassic Park. Then, a big flying saucer (UFO) appearing in the sky. After that, lightning strikes from the UFO to the transportation around and they start to transform themselves, starting from the Bajaj Transforming.


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