VOB Blanker - Turn some parts of your VOB DVD file into blanks

Have you ever thought of removing some scenes of a video on a DVD? Perhaps, you want to remove some commercials of a video on a DVD VOB file. Doing this means you want to edit the video of the DVD. But, if you are a novice or beginner computer user, editing video probably makes you feel hard to do it.

In fact, there's a simple program that merely turn your the parts of a VOB file into a blank, so that the undesired part or scene won't be seen. Short commercial can be removed by  using this program. Here's the link to download it. It's called VOB Blanker. You need to locate the part where you want to remove, for example the commercial. Then, you can click Blank button to have it blanked (it turns into a black screen). Remember to save your VOB files. And then you're ready to burn it into a disc with any burner program.


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