Paper just won't go through printer

Sometimes, if you buy too thin inkjet paper or low quality printer paper, especially those paper which is not manufactured by company like Epson, Canon or HP, you'll sometimes find that the paper just won't go throught the printer.

I met this problem many times when using this kind of paper with Epson printer. And I usually hold the paper and push it to help it go through the printer manually. Printing on low quality inkjet paper, sometimes needs patient. And sometimes, using this holding and pushing method will drive you crazy cause for printing a few pages only will take up to 30 minutes or more. It's different from printing on plain paper because inkjet paper has a special coated side. And perhaps that's the disadvantage of low priced paper.

To solve this problem, besides holding and pushing, we can also put thick paper or card board to support the paper back. I mean put it in front of the upper supporting tray. And so that the paper will be push to front a bit. This also cause the paper to stand up a little more. This is a new tip I just found. If this won't work, you can also try bending the part of paper that will first go into the printer. Hope these tips help a little and work as the solution.


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