Create funny joke photo by uploading your own photo

Feeling bored about your current plain Facebook Profile Photo? And you're trying a Photo Editor like Photoshop to make a funny or cool photo out of the simple one, but still feel hard to use the tools. In fact, there is a photo editor which is easier to use with lots of cool effects, "Meitu Xiuxiu". However, it's in Chinese. I still can't find its English version. Although Meitu is simpler than Photoshop, to create a funny or cool photo effect instantly, is still a bit of work.

Then, what's the solution which lets you do easily to get great effect directly? Click here to visit a website that provides funny pictures with your photo on it. That means by just uploading your photo and choose the effects, you can great a special cool photo effect. Sometimes called as Photo Montage or Picture in a hole.


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